Budget Projection Tool

Finance & Budget | Florida

The Charter Support Unit has long maintained a budget tool to help new schools develop a budget, but there was not an easy way to take previous expenditures into account within that tool. We’ve now developed a new tool to help charter schools build budget projections based on past spending.

To use this tool, you will need to export a “Budget versus Actual” report from your financial accounting system. You will paste these results into the conversion tool (download below). You then take the results of this conversion and paste them into the budget tool itself.

The budget projection tool works similarly to the original budget template tool, where you fill in a few questionnaires. For example, you will decide how you want to project funds moving forward. You also will add any custom or significant expenses you know are coming. The tool will do the rest.

We hosted a webinar on November 18 to walk you through how to use this new budget tool. Find the recording of the webinar by going to https://charter.support/webinar/budget_projection/.

In addition to the webinar, we’ve created recorded videos to walk you through the process of using the projection tool. You can find the support videos by visiting https://charter.support/budget-projection-tool-tutorial/.

If you run into any issues using the tool, please email help@charter.support.