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Supporting Charter Schools

Working to sustain high quality charter school options nationwide.

The Regions We Serve

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Florida's Start- Ups

Any school in the first five years of operation.

Texas Charters

Any charter school in the state of Texas.

Upstate New York

Primarily focusing on New York state schools outside of New York City.

Washington DC Charters

Any Charter School within the district.

Rural Schools

Throughout the country.

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Have a question, we’re here to help! Use the chat button on the bottom right corner of your screen to open a chat window with us live.  If we are online an icon of chat bubbles is displayed. If you see an envelope, you can send us an email directly from our site.

We're Here To Help

When you need help with getting your operations running smoothly, give us a call. (727) 286-3185.

Free Resources

We have dozens of digital resources available for free. Download the materials and change them to meet your school’s needs!

Let Us Help

Let us help save you time on the “business” side of your school, so that you can focus on the academics. We can review documents, visit your site to offer suggestions and more!

Professional Development

Free professional development opportunities for charter school leaders offered through frequent Webinars or onsite meetings and presentations!

Recently Added Resources

Last Update File Types Regions
Excel Florida
In response to 2020 HB641 the Charter Support Unit has created this calculator to assist …
Last Update File Types Regions
November 3, 2018 Excel Florida
The Charter Support Unit has developed a budget template tool to assist schools in developing …
Last Update File Types Regions
PDF, Word Anywhere, Florida
A sample job description for a school Compliance Officer.
Last Update File Types Regions
PDF, Word Florida
This document is a summary, written by the Charter Support Unit, of changes to the …
Last Update File Types Regions
February 23, 2015 PDF, Word Florida
Florida Statute 1012.22 requires that schools develop a performance salary schedule by July 1, 2014. …
Last Update File Types Regions
Google Doc Florida
The following list of attorneys has been generated by CSU staff. We do not make …
Date Presenter Category Region(s)
October 13, 2020 Dr. April Willis... Governance, Legal Anywhere
With over 10 years of charter administration experience and six years as a charter board …
Date Presenter Category Region(s)
October 8, 2020 Linda Henderson... General, Policies, School and Student Operations Anywhere
Restorative Justice is quickly becoming the process to implement in making schools a better, safer …
Date Presenter Category Region(s)
October 1, 2020 Steven Huskey... General, Technology Anywhere
Learn secrets to measuring marketing analytics that Google will not tell you.Over 4,000 Google Analytics …

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