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2019 Florida Charter School Legislative Update

2019 Florida Charter School Legislative Update

This document is a summary, written by the Charter Support Unit, of changes to the statutes as a result of the 2019 legislative session. The summary includes changes as a result of:

  • House Bill 7070
  • Senate Bill 7030
  • House Bill 7123

Edutainment Learning: Connecting your students with the world through zoom

In this presentation, educators will learn about the amazing opportunities that can be afforded through video conferencing technology. Holocaust survivors, first hand accounts of September 11th, Authors, leading Professors from various fields, Grammy winners, Oscar/Emmy winners, Nobel Peace Prize winners, astronauts etc . . . With over 7 billion people in the world, everyone has a story to tell.

Local School Performance Frameworks in the Age of ESSA and Multiple Authorizers

Many leaders express the need to better identify which schools are working in a city or district and which ones are not in a way that would allow system leaders or parents to make good decisions. Although ESSA calls for state measures, a locally developed common school performance framework may have more buy-in, may have more robust measures, and may be more transparent on how lowest performing schools were identified. This session will explore frameworks in cities like Denver and Chicago, and help charter school leaders and others advocate for better performance frameworks in their community.

RFP – Speech and Language Therapist

RFP – Speech and Language Therapist

RFP (Request for Proposal) form to use to solicit bids to find a company to provide a speech and language therapist to the school as a contracted service. This document is just a sample, and you should modify the document with all of the pertinent information for your school before sending this out to any vendors.