CSU Training Programs

Ongoing (and free) trainings for new schools, professional development seminars and online courses for charter school leaders. 

Upcoming Events

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CSU Courses


Once a school has an approved charter, this comprehensive training series prepares for a successful opening. Each training course is designed for a specific state. Get in touch with the regional manager in your area for more details.



In addition to our presentations at conferences around the country, we host webinars, aired live weekly, and archived for viewing anytime, the CSU’s webinar series brings expertise from all over the country to bear on common challenges for charter school operators.

For Your School

Deeper Dives into Broader Topics

The CSU is happy to design a training that is specific to your school, your board and your needs. Get in touch with the regional manager in your area for more details. 

For those topics that can’t be covered in an hour, the CSU Learing Platform offers multi-session courses that allow for deeper exploration, knowledge-sharing, and connection.

Florida Governance Conference

2021 First Ever Florida Governance Conference

The CSU operated the first ever Florida Charter School Governance Conference on March 27, 2021.  With hours worth of content specifically geared towards Governing Board Members archived and available online.

How can we help your school?

We’re here...because we’ve been there. The CSU’s team of consultants is eager to share what we’ve learned from developing, leading, and growing schools. Turn to us for tested strategies and tools collected from some of the country’s most successful charter school leaders and advocates.