CSU Professional Development

Ongoing (and free) professional development for charter school leaders 



In addition to our presentations at conferences around the country, we host webinars, aired live weekly, and archived for viewing anytime, the CSU’s webinar series brings expertise from all over the country to bear on common challenges for charter school operators.

CSU Courses


CSU offers online learning courses for deep dives into content necessary to launch and operate a charter school successfully.



Based on Jim Collins’ theory that Level 5 Leaders build and transform enterprises that outperform all others, we bring you the voices of these great leaders who have created really great schools to share best practices, fresh ideas, and shared expereinces.

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Collegial Connections

Conversations contribute to deeper exploration, knowledge-sharing, and connection. It’s lonely at the top; knowing you have opportunities to network with peers at other charters throughout the state can help you navigate the day-to-day as well as plan for the future. CSU hosts Regional Meetings, New Schools/New Leaders Collaborative Sessions, and Launch Year Collaborative Sessions to help charter school leaders expand their network and connect with colleagues. 

Florida Governance Conference

2023 CSU Florida Governance Conference

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 9, 2023 for the second annual Florida Charter School Governance Conference. The conference is geared towards governing board members to provide them with additional information to serve their schools.

How can we help your school?

We’re here...because we’ve been there. The CSU’s team of consultants is eager to share what we’ve learned from developing, leading, and growing schools. Turn to us for tested strategies and tools collected from some of the country’s most successful charter school leaders and advocates.