The ability of the charter school to carry out its mission and vision depend on the strength of its organizational foundation. A critical element of this foundation is the charter school governing board itself. The board carries the mission of the school into the community and brings the views of the community into the school.

Educational Series Video Blurb

We have developed a video series focused on the role of governing board, the importance of the Board to the success of a charter school, and what potential members should be aware of as they consider joining a board. 

The video to the left is an introduction to what is involved. 

The Board Governance Program is the newest service offered by the Charter Support Unit through a grant with the Florida Department of Education.  This program aims to recruit talented individuals that are passionate about sharing their skills and expertise to accomplish the mission and vision of charter schools in their own community.  The program will educate prospective Board members on charter school Governance and assist with ensuring they obtain all state mandated training as well as provide additional resources to aid in their understanding of charter school Governance.  The program will also work with charter schools within their first 5 years of operation who are seeking to add new members to their current Board.  We will observe the school’s Governing Board in action and work to make sure it is ready to take on a new Board member. By preparing potential Board members as well as prospective schools, the program aims to facilitate matches that do not just only fill a position with a body but rather with an individual who is passionate about promoting the schools values and vision through strategic leadership.

Serving on a charter school’s Governing Board can seem like an overwhelming task.  School leaders are inundated with attending to site based tasks that finding time to recruit Board members can often seem like a monumental undertaking.  It is our goal that through this program, we can lessen  the burden on school leaders and help community members looking to make a difference, do so by serving on a charter school Governing Board to “Lead.Serve.Inspire.”