Strategic Planning for School and CMO Success

Presenter: Dr. Andrea Thomas-Reynolds, Senior Vice President of Insight Education Group
Date/Time: November 21, 2019 10:00 am EST

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About the Webinar:

A strategic plan serves as an essential foundation and road-map for all your improvement efforts for your school or CMO. It ensures all educators are on the same page and serves as a “”living document”” that is referenced throughout the year to check on progress and to ensure all initiatives are in direct alignment with the plan. Misalignment or lack of alignment between a strategic plan and additional initiatives not in the plan can lead to confusion among staff, extra burdens on teachers as priorities may conflict, and lack of progress towards student achievement. In this webinar, learn how to start the planning process that will get you to a clear plan that:
Identifies the real instructional needs through data;
Invites internal and external stakeholders to work collaboratively to develop the plan; and
Includes a vision, theory of action, assets (what’s working already), big picture goal, and priority goals.


Handouts / Slides:

2019-11-21 Strategic Planning.pdf