Do you have questions about school security personnel?

Presenter: Gary L. Sigrist, Jr. CEO and President Safeguard Risk Solutions
Date/Time: December 2, 2021 10:00 am EST

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About the Webinar:

During this webinar, Gary and the attendees will exchange ideas about School Resource Officers, School Guardians, private armed and unarmed security guards. How do we make one of these options or a blend of these options work for your school or district? A key component of this webinar will be the active participation of the attendees. You will be able to share what has worked and hasn’t worked for your organization. You will be able to talk with your peers and hear their experiences with their school security personnel. If there is time at the end of the webinar you will have the opportunity to ask any question you have regarding school safety

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2021-12-02 Do You Have Questions About School Security Personnel?