Parents and Caregivers as Co-teachers

Presenter: Gretchen Osodipe, Founder, Co-Teach
Date/Time: March 4, 2021 12:00 am EST

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Parents and caregivers have always been their child’s first teacher. And families also serve as co-teachers, supplementing and facilitating the education learners receive from school. In this session, families of learners in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade, will expand their capabilities, confidence, and community as they learn tools, tips, and resources to overcome challenges, minimize stress, and enhance at-home learning. This session will focus on helping families better manage their time and expectations to increase their co-teaching abilities. This session will also help families better communicate with school leaders and teachers and partner with them to design ways to better engage families.

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2021.03.04 - Parents and Caregivers as Co-Teachers