Establishing Business and Community Partnerships

Presenter: Gail Birks
Date/Time: March 27, 2021 12:00 am EDT

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About the Webinar:

Building business and community partnerships is like dating.  But there is a distinct formula attached to the process that often times we take for granted.
Attendees will gain insight into how to expand their relationships beyond the walls of the board room and halls of the schools that they represent.  Topics include…

  • Where do we start to look?
  • Who Closes the deal?
  • Determining the need
  • Business and industry in my back yard… the resources
  • Intended outcomes include…
    Attendees will acquire an out-of-the-box perspective when discussing funds development
  • Roles of board and staff will become clearer for this purpose
  • Self-Sufficiency is the end-game
  • Business and Industry is more accessible than you think

Handouts / Slides:

Establishing Business and Community Partnerships Handouts