Facilities Planning

Nothing builds on success like a building.

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Facilities Planning

Our experts in planning, design, financing, and construction can help you explore your school’s facilities project, whether it’s a renovation or new construction. The CSU can help you build the budget, establish expectations, and create an action plan to acquire or expand a school’s facilities. Whether you’re doing long-range planning for a facility years in the future or are about to embark on a new project starting soon, our experts can review your plans and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

The nonprofit organization that operates the CSU, Building Hope, has been helping charter schools all over the U.S. to finance, build and operate their facilities since 2003. Our team’s knowledge is deep and diverse — and is available to schools through the CSU.

Extensive knowledge

“The Charter Support Unit and Building Hope have extensive knowledge when it comes to facilities and facility financing in Texas, which is one of the most challenging aspects to getting a new school off the ground.” 

Ryan York, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, The Gathering Place (San Antonio, TX) 

Facilities Planning

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We’re here...because we’ve been there. The CSU’s team of consultants is eager to share what we’ve learned from developing, leading, and growing schools. Turn to us for tested strategies and tools collected from some of the country’s most successful charter school leaders and advocates.