Respiratory Health and School Safety: What We’ve Learned from COVID-19

Presenter: Joe Rayburn- Director of Sales- Building Solutions, William Dillard- Director of Marketing - Building Solutions
Date/Time: November 3, 2020 1:00 pm EST

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About the Webinar:

Now that we have stepped into the world of the “new normal” for charter schools following the 2020 pandemic, there are many lessons learned and ideas to share in these challenging times for everyone involved. Building Solutions and dozens of school facilities management teams have collaborated to report on their journey beginning February 2020 and through the COVID-19 pandemic to date. This report focuses on the facilities and operations response, which supports the program changes required to protect students and other facilities users from current and future respiratory health risks. It will discuss “respiratory health risks” in the context of school safety and security policy and practice.

Handouts / Slides:

2020.11.3 - Respiratory Safety.pdf