Planning and Launching a New School

A journey of a thousand miles begins with these steps.


What We Offer

Value of partnership

“The value of the partnership we’ve built with the Charter Support Unit team is immeasurable. They provided guidance and walk each school through the exhaustive foundation-building process to a successful first day of school. Through our partnership, we have developed tools and resources for new schools to utilize. We plan on exploring more opportunities to collaborate. I know they’re just a phone call away. “

Nadia Luna, VP of Member Services 
Texas Public Charter Schools Association

Charter Application Training

Opening the doors on a new charter school starts with getting approval from an authorizer. The Charter Support Unit helps you navigate this step in a way that satisfies the requirements of those who are charged with upholding charter school quality while also creating a touchstone to guide the formation of your new school. The training covers basics of charter school laws in Florida and walks through each section of the charter application and issues to consider while developing a charter application.

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Launch Year Training and Collaborative Sessions (Florida)

Specifically for Florida schools and greared towards schools opening in August 2023, this comprehensive training series prepares for a successful opening once a school has an approved charter. The online course posts weekly videos about timely topics you should be considering along your journey to open your school, and hosts monthly live calls to brainstorm and discuss issues with other people also opening schools in coming months.

Check out Launch Year Training for more information about upcoming events and courses.

New Operator Training

The CSU will be collaborates with the Florida Department of Education and experts in the field to make the statutorily-mandated training for new operators available online in May If you are opening a school in 2023, watch for more information next month.

Resources & Templates

From checklists for new schools to sample policy manuals, the CSU’s library contains invaluable resources to get your school started on the right foot.

Planning & Launching

Trainings, Webinars, Sample Documents, Resources, and more…

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How can we help your school?

We’re here...because we’ve been there. The CSU’s team of consultants is eager to share what we’ve learned from developing, leading, and growing schools. Turn to us for tested strategies and tools collected from some of the country’s most successful charter school leaders and advocates.