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In the fall of 2018 Building Hope was awarded a Charter Schools Program grant from the Federal Department of Education to expand our Charter Support Unit services to Texas. The Charter Support Unit is working closely with the Texas Charter Schools Association and The Network to identify areas most needed by the Texas Charter School community, and work to help fill that need.

City Charter Landscapes

Understanding the regional demographics is vitally important for charter school leaders.  As a result, we are working to develop “Charter Landscape Assessments” for key regions of Texas.  These regional assessments provide detailed information about the regions, other schools and performance in specific areas.  We are working on completing these reports for each of the metropolitan areas of Texas. Currently available assessments are: 

Legislative Victories and Ongoing Challenges in Texas Charter School Facilities Funding

This memorandum aims to provide context surrounding the legislative history of charter school facilities funding for parents and stakeholders to illustrate the great strides that have been made with advocacy efforts to promote excellent school choice options for children in Texas. Without such efforts, charter school facilities and financing options would be sparce, and the efforts are continually important to allow for increased access for high quality charter schools.