Facilitating compliance tasks between schools and their sponsors.

What We Offer


Charters.Link is a compliance and communication platform designed by Building Hope on behalf of the Charter Support Unit to assist districts to monitor and more efficiently communicate with the schools in their districts.  The web based platform allows districts to set up a list of all of the items they require from their schools, and to monitor whether those items have been turned in, are complete, and that the schools are in compliance.

No Cost To Schools or Districts

The Charters.Link platform was developed in conjunction with a grant from the Florida Department of Public Education, and is provided at no cost to districts and schools within the state of Florida. 

Getting Started

Districts who would like to learn more about how to begin using Charters.Link should reach out to and request a free demonstration. We can show you how the system works, and set your district up immediately for you to start testing and implementing within your district.   If you already have an account, simply go to


How can we help your school?

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