Public Meeting Notice of Virtual Meeting

Boards & Governance | Florida

Florida statute 1002.33(8)(p) specifically permits governing board members to “attend in person or by means of communications media technology used in accordance with rules adopted by the Administration Commission under s. 120.54(5).”   The rules that were adopted to regulate this option are Florida Administrative Rule 28-109 which lays out specific requirements for the posting of the meeting which are more stringent than typical posting requirements.  Completing this form will suffice fo the notice requirements laid out in the administrative rule for those schools who wish to utilize electronic meetings.

Of important note, however, is that even if the meeting is held virtually, the school is still required to provide an “Access Point” where individuals can attend in person if they would like to do so, and 1002.33(8)(p) further stipulates that ” The appointed representative and charter school principal or director, or his or her designee, must be physically present at each meeting.”