Florida Salary Increase Allocation Calculator 2023-24

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Since 2020, Florida has included the “Teacher Salary Increase Allocation” in the Florida Educational Finance Program. Originally, the state allocated $500-million to raise teacher salaries to a target of $47,500. In 2023-24, the state allocated a little over $1-billion for this purpose, but instead of including it as a separate categorical within the FEFP, it is now part of the base salary. Schools must allocate 4.52% of base FEFP for maintenance of previous salary increases and 1.41% of base FEFP for salary growth.

In 2023-24, the requirements around the money is more flexible. Schools can elect to use the growth portion to raise the base salary for classroom teachers and/or provide salary increases to other full-time instructional personnel as defined by s. 1012.01(2)(a)-(d).

Schools must submit a plan by October 1 and will be required to submit a final report of expenditures by August 1, 2024.

The Department of Education has released a memo on this, which can be accessed here:

To help charter schools develop their plan for this school year, we’ve released the attached calculator schools can use to calculate the raises to be distributed this year. We are releasing the calculator as an Excel workbook and a Google Sheet. The sheet was created in Google, and we would encourage you to use that version, but doing so requires you to have a Google Account to be able to use this sheet.

Download the Tool

Note, the tool was last updated at 10:05am on September 20, 2023 and the current version is 3.3. The latest update fixed a bug where it was suggesting raises when you’ve already given more in raises than growth funds available.

The sheet includes instructions on how to use the calculator on the “Directions” tab. Please review that tab and then follow the directions as appropriate. Each district must include charter school plans with their overall plans due to the state by October 1, 2022. Districts can withhold your growth allocation until you submit a plan, so please submit the plan as soon as possible.


On Thursday, September 21, 2023 we will present a webinar walking people through how to use the tool and answering questions that viewers may have on how the tool works. Please register for the video webinar by visiting: https://charter.support/webinar/csu-salary-increase-calculator-23-24/.

Informational Video:

Below is a training video walking you through how to use the tool and providing information on how the tool works. Please note: the first 5-6 seconds of audio seem to be missing from the video, but it starts working after a few seconds.