Florida Teacher Salary Increase Calculator 2022-23

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Since 2020 Florida has included the “Teacher Salary Increase Allocation” in the Florida Educational Finance Program. Originally the state allocated $500-million to raise teacher salaries to a target of $47,500. In 2022-23 the state will provide $800-million for this purpose.

The money is broken into three categories:

  • $550M (68.8%) – To maintain raises given previously
  • $125M (15.6%) – To raise the base salary to at least $47,500
  • $125M (15.6%) – To raise the salary of teachers who did not receive at least a 2% raise as a result of the base pay increase.

Charter schools are required to develop a plan for spending the allocation in accordance with the requirements laid out by the Department of Education.  In 2022-23 the allocations have changed slightly. In the past, money used for increases was to be distrubted 80/20 towards raising the base salary. This year, the increases is distributed 50/50 towards raising the base.
If a charter is already paying teachers a base of $47,500 they can choose to use that 50% to either raise the base farther or include that with the other funds to raise all teachers.

The Department of Education has released a memo on this, which can be accessed here:

In order to help charter schools develop their plan for this school year, we’ve released the attached calculator schools can use to calculate the raises to be distributed this year. The attached Excel document includes instructions on how to use the calculator on the “Directions” tab. Please review that tab and then follow the directions as appropriate. The calculator also includes a narrative description of how the funds were calculated and a form based on last year’s submission that can be used to submit to the school district as your plan for the year.  Please check with your district as to when this plan is due and whether you must have your Governing Board approve it prior to submitting it.  Each district must include charter school plans with their overall district plans which are due to the state by October 1, 2022.

IMPORTANT NOTE:The Excel file linked below uses functions which were introduced in Excel version 2021. If you have an older version of Excel, this file will not work for you. Similar forumlas are not available in previous versions of Excel. If you do not have a newer version of Excel, you can use Google Docs.

If you would like to use the Google version, click here. When you do so, it will ask you if you wish to make a copy of the worksheet, just click on the “Make a copy” button. This will copy the sheet and make it available on your own Google Account. From there, everything works exactly the same as the Excel version. One caution, however, is that as the new owner of the file, you will be able to make changes to formulas, changing formulas you are unfamilar with may break the calculator.