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Transportation 101
Presenter: Karen O’Brien
Date: May 8, 2014 10:00 am
Target Region: Florida
Target Audience: Administration, Business Managers
Category: General

Florida statutes requires that ” transportation is not a barrier to equal access for all students residing within a reasonable distance of the charter school.” This webinar will focus on what school leaders need to know before you select a transportation company for your school. This webinar was presented by Karen O’Brien of Assured Transportation.

Follow Up Information

Van Usage

During the presentation there was a discussion regarding the legalities of using a van for transporting students. The important statute to read regarding this topic is Florida Statute 1006.22. Click here to access the statute. The statute states: “The vehicle must be a passenger car or multipurpose passenger vehicle or truck, as defined in 49 C.F.R. part 571, designed to transport fewer than 10 students. Students must be transported in designated seating positions and must use the occupant crash protection system provided by the manufacturer unless the student’s physical condition prohibits such use.”



2014-05-08 - Florida Charter School Transportation Guidelines (0.6 MiB)