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The Secrets to Retention: How to Keep Your Most Effective Educators
Presenter: Jill Nyhus, Insight Education Group
Date: April 23, 2019 1:00 pm
Target Region: Anywhere
Target Audience: Administration
Category: Employment

By retaining effective teachers, schools and CMOs can save thousands of dollars every year, maintain positive work environments, and possibly increase student achievement. In this session, participants will: learn how the most successful schools are being deliberate about retention; discuss the essential levers schools need in place to keep their most effective teachers; and self-reflect on action steps for retention in their own schools and CMOs. Join us for this informative webinar presented by Jill Nyhus, VP of Communications & Public Policy at Insight Education Group, to learn more about what your charter school can do to retain teachers at your school.



2019-04-23 - Retention-Webinar Insight-Charter-Support-Unit (4.5 MiB)