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  • Presenter: Dr. Burak Yilmaz, Project Director, Harmony Public Schools, Andrea Breaux, Teacher Leader / Assistant Principal,, Dr. Ozgur Ozer, Chief Academic Officer,
  • Date: January 30, 2020 10:00 am
  • Target Region: Anywhere
  • Target Audience: Administration, Teachers
  • Category: Academic, General
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  • The recording for this webinar will be posted here shortly after the presentation.


How can teacher leadership help you tackle the most challenging issues your school or network faces? Teacher leadership is more than a title and task, more than a microphone for announcements, or a monitor for compliance; it is the essential ingredient for transforming a school’s culture from one of doing to one of learning. Join this session to learn how to maximize the potential of your most effective teachers. A charter executive, a charter school teacher leader, and a leadership coach will share and unpack tools and strategies you can use to develop your network of teachers to lead change.