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Creating a Successful Partnership with Your Project Manager

  • Presenter: William Dillard, Director of Marketing, Building Solutions
  • Date: May 14, 2020 10:00 am
  • Target Region: Anywhere
  • Target Audience: Administration, Business Managers
  • Category: General
  • Recording:

Building new, renovating existing, or expanding campus facilities can be an exciting, but chaotic time for your school. Planning and executing construction on campus introduces an entirely new layer of activity and expectations of Administration that detract from core duties. Hear how the experiences of a school “partnering” with a project manager gave them the opportunity to stay in the mainstream of critical project decision making, but shielded them from some of the risky and more technical drudgery. Key complement factors such as assessment of potential contributions of a project manager, defining roles, communications needs, owner furnished project elements, team selection, financing and fundraising, governance issues, and the method of contracting all help the Team define how duties are allocated, so the project and the rest of School leadership’s job remains under control.