Strategic Planning 101

Presenter: Mark Cannon, Greater Capacity
Date/Time: October 23, 2014 12:00 am EDT

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About the Webinar:

Unless you know where you are going, you’ll never know if you’ve arrived. Strategic Planning is the process of envisioning where you want to be as an organization, and building action steps to get there. As each charter school matures, strategic planning helps you break out of just the day-to-day focus of the early operational years to a strategic, prioritized approach for long-term sustainability and growth. The presenter, Mark Cannon, has a dozen years of experience in the charter school movement in Florida and nationally as a governance and strategic planning consultant. In this webinar, he will discuss the elements of an effective strategic plan and provide suggestions for charter school leaders and board members on how to carry out a strategic planning process.

Handouts / Slides:

2014-10-23 - Strategic Planning 101.pdf