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Two New SEL Tools to Support Every Student
Presenter: Sue Jamback Executive Director RestorativeUS
Date: March 3, 2020 1:00 pm
Target Region: Anywhere
Target Audience: Administration, Special Education Staff, Teachers
Category: Academic, School and Student Operations, Special Education

What new tools exist that align with PBIS and a restorative approach? In this session, educators will explore the significant ways in which social emotional learning and restorative practices work in tandem to support the foundations for a safe, healthy, and positive school culture across diverse student populations. Participants can expect an introduction to two newly introduced SEL tools.
Tool One: The Peace Path. With five easy to implement steps, teach the language of conflict resolution to students K-12. With regular exposure and repeated practice, students begin to resolve conflicts independently whether in the classroom, cafeteria, playground or hallway.
Tool Two: The 20-Minute Workout. Looking for ways to reduce the amount of time it takes to serve our most challenging students? Try this
a strength-based student support protocol. Historically, leaders and teachers spend hundreds of hours working with challenging students and behaviors such that, some question the investment: time spent with a few takes away from the rest. Learn how to overcome this and implement a time- specific strength-based student support protocol so that student support meetings are effective, efficient and are conducted in 20 minutes or less. Invest in students who need the most from us with a tool that is manageable, structured, and supportive.



2020-03-03 Two New SEL Tools (9.8 MiB)