How to Increase Student Engagement in Remote Learning Environments

Presenter: Dr. Lana Israel, Founder & CEO of Muzology
Date/Time: December 8, 2020 1:00 pm EST

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About the Webinar:

Do you ever wonder why your students struggle with learning, yet know every word to their favorite songs? The answer involves engagement, attention, and the neuroscience of learning. In this breakout session, global learning expert, Dr. Lana Israel, shares with you science and data behind engaged learning. Discover ways to sustain student interest—in class and in remote learning environments. Learn how to boost student performance and motivation. Find out how this approach has taken students from failing to passing math quizzes in a single web-based session! During this session, Dr. Israel will also share the tenets of active learning she discovered on her personal journey from inquisitive teenager (who pioneered the educational applications of mind mapping) to Harvard/Oxford graduate and beyond. In this time of uncertainty, student engagement is as important as ever. Learning gaps due to school closures have been compounded by ‘Summer Slide.’ We hope that this presentation equips you with innovative ways of supercharging the learning process and starting this school year with fun, new and exciting options for your students.

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