Keys to Effective Fundraising

Presenter: Jane Watt, Chairperson of Marco Island Academy
Date/Time: October 8, 2015 10:00 am EDT

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Many charter schools throughout the State need to raise funds to help support their program, especially newer schools. Many board members and school leaders do not have the knowledge or experience to run a successful fundraising campaign. However, by following a few simple steps, any school can launch a successful fundraising campaign. As the chairperson and founder of Marco Island Academy, a charter school in Collier County, Ms. Watt lead the school in raising nearly $3 million dollars from community donations in the past 4 years. There are several key steps that have lead to the school’s successful fundraising efforts. These include establishing a clear plan, identifying key potential supporters and engaging them in the effort, and meeting with them one on one to ask for the money. This presentation highlighted these steps and how other schools could implement them at their schools.

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2015-10-08 - Fundraising 101.pdf