How to Effectively Create a Professional Development Plan Using the Teacher Evaluation

Presenter: Raul Baez
Date/Time: January 12, 2017 10:00 am EST

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About the Webinar:

Educators often talk about building life-long learners in our students. Equally importantly for charter school leaders is facilitating a process to make your staff members life long learners as well. This webinar will focus on providing an interactive process between those who are evaluated, the evaluators, and the coaches in order to develop realistic professional development plan. This interaction promotes effective peer communication to identify and address evaluatee’s strength and weakness. The peer coaches can provide timely feedback regarding professional development standards, affecting student learning. The implementation of the strategies discussed in this webinar will facilitate professional development and student’s growth. This webinar will be presented by Raul Baez of Excelsior Charter and Everest Charter Schools.

Handouts / Slides:

2017-01-12 - How to effectively develop professional development plan using.pdf