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Getting FTE Correct and Preparing for an FEFP Audit
Presenter: Dr. Andy Binns, Chairman of Palm Beach Maritime Academy
Date: January 25, 2018 10:00 am
Target Region: Anywhere, Florida
Target Audience: Administration, Authorizers, Business Managers, Data Entry Staff, Governing Board Members
Category: Financial

This presentation will review the state reporting requirements addressing FTE reporting and steps to be taken to prepare for state FEFP audits. The presentation will review the specific components that are required to report students for funding under the FEFP. The webinar will also address some of the differences between the October and February surveys, and why schools should take both seriously. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Andy Binns who was formerly the Director of FTE & Student Reporting for the School District of Palm Beach County, as well as currently the Board Chair of the Palm Beach Maritime Academy, a charter school in Palm Beach.

Follow Up Information


During the webinar Dr. Binns spoke about transportation reporting. He indicated he would share a sample Ridership form. Here is the information Dr. Binns sent to be shared:

Attached is a sample Ridership form that could be used for the upcoming Survey. This form contains the same data elements that are used on the Palm Beach & Broward approved forms….. I worked with the an auditor with the Auditor General’s office to develop this format prior to retiring in October 2011….According to the auditor,students are allowed to self report their attendance for transportation. I would recommend that the schools insure that all the blanks are completed/signed!

To be eligible for funding for public transportation:

  • student must reside 2.0 or miles from school
  • must be issued a bus pass paid from the school
  • utilize the public transportation to get either to or from school during the FTE Survey week

If the school utilizes this form, they should enter the school name/number and the school address, along with the student’s distance from school



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