20 Essential Points: What All School Leaders Should Know About Special Education

Presenter: Liliana Salazar, National Director for Special Education and Student Support, Academica
Date/Time: February 20, 2020 10:00 am EST

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About the Webinar:

School leaders play an important role in meeting the needs of students with disabilities. School leaders who effectively manage special education in their schools have to be one part lawyer, one part counselor – and a little bit fearless. The need for legal expertise is obvious: The federal government, through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and school districts have created a complex set of rules and policies that govern the education of students with disabilities and carry the force of law. The job also requires school leaders to support parents, students, and teachers, many of whom see the principal as the primary arbiter in cases of disagreement. The importance and the complexity of the handling of special education shouldn’t paralyze school leaders. School leaders are going to make mistakes. It’s how they own up to those mistakes, and try to come up with ways to fix them and improve for the next situation, that matters. Join us in this engaging and interactive session which will provide guidance to school leaders to address 20 current issues and how to implement best practices. Examples include:

1. Why do school leaders need to know about special education?
2. What are the main points of IDEA school leaders need to know as they support students with disabilities in their schools?
3. How can school leaders be the chief advocates for their special education program?
4. What is the difference between IDEA and Section 504?
5. How should school leaders prepare for an IEP meeting?
6. What are key acronyms all school leaders should know in regards to students with disabilities?
7. What questions should school leaders ask about placements for students with disabilities?
8. What do special education teachers want and need from their school leaders?
9. What do school leaders need to know about discipline for SWD?