Anxiety, Trauma & Emotional Dysregulation in the Classroom

Presenter: Natalie James, MS, NCC, LPC; Counselor and Child Life Specialist,
Date/Time: March 28, 2019 1:00 pm EDT

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About the Webinar:

Understanding the manner in which stress, anxiety, and trauma impact a student’s observable behavior and ability to learn is imperative for educator success. Explore the basic physiology of the autonomic nervous system, identify life stressors with impact on development, and consider the effect of interpersonal experiences on learning and behavioral outcomes. Recognize signs and symptoms of problematic distress, connect this to challenging behavior frequently observed in students, and explore how traditional methods of responding to this behavior can potentially exacerbate the problem. Tools for appropriately responding to student distress, achieving optimal success, and enhancing emotional resilience will be provided

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2019-03-28 - ATED in the Classroom.pdf