Dissecting the Diagnosis – Why Accommodations Fail to Ensure Long Term Academic & Social Success

Presenter: Lance Fein, Ed.D, Executive Director, Alternative Education Foundation, Mrs. Lynette Van Heyzen – Principal AEF Schools
Date/Time: January 23, 2020 10:00 am EST

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There are accommodations the real world makes for employees with disabilities. The majority of these accommodations are for physical disabilities covered under A.D.A. Corporations don’t provide shadows for workers or aides to repeat instructions multiple times. Supervisors do not allow extra time for employees who need it because they work at a slower pace. The real world does not make accommodations for adults with ADHD, ASD, OHI, or other social, emotional, or cognitive deficits. Making these accommodations for students in school without remediation is a flawed policy resulting in the long-term professional and social failure. Remediating deficits by dissecting the diagnosis is critical to the long-term success and potential for at risk students.

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