Online Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective avenues of marketing and public relations, especially for charter schools. There are several websites which schools should be aware of – including Google My Business,, and

Establishing Business and Community Partnerships

Building business and community partnerships is like dating.  But there is a distinct formula attached to the process that often times we take for granted. Attendees will gain insight into how to expand their relationships beyond the walls of the board room and halls...

Mind The Message: What Message Is Your School Sending?

Until recently, a school did not have to concern itself with a marketing campaign or marketing budget. However, as school choice comes into play and families have more options available to them, school marketing is becoming more common. Most schools do not have a...

Charter School Marketing 101

Do you have a fantastic Charter School but aren’t sure how to market it to parents, community and local business. Tap into the perspective of a professional who has a Marketing and Public Relations Overview that might work for your school.