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  • Presenter: Kathleen Schoenberg, Attorney
  • Date: March 19, 2019 8:00 pm
  • Target Audience: Administration, Governing Board Members
  • Topic(s): Legal
  • Region(s): Florida

This week’s meeting will be led by attorney Kathleen Schoenberg who represents charter schools throughout the state of Florida and conducts the required Governance Training for charter school governing boards. She will discuss some of the most common legal pitfalls charter schools can fall into if they are not careful during the startup phase and first year of operation.

This will be a virtual meeting of the New School Institute. These trainings are established to provide guidance to groups who are working to open a new charter school in the near future. The meetings are held virtually using Go To Meeting. You will be able to join the meeting by going to, you can either use audio through your computer (it is recommended only if you have a headset or headphones, or you can also dial in using your phone. The dial-in number will be (408) 650-3123, and the access code is: 736-756-021.



2019-03-19 - Charter School Legal Issues
2019-03-19 - Charter School Legal Issues
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