2021 Florida Charter School Conference

Recorded Sessions

The Charter Support Unit is proud to partner with the Florida Department of Education and the planners of the Florida Charter School Conference to bring you recorded sessions from the 2021 Florida Charter School Conference.

These sessions were recorded live at the conference, therefore the audio is not always the best quality. We’ve attempted to edit and tweak them where possible, and also have added clear views of the slides for the slides which were submitted to the conference planners.

For more information about the conference, please visit: https://www.charterschoolconference.com/2021/


Pre Conference Sessions

The Application Process

How to Make the Most of Your Freedom to Start a New Charter School

Writing a charter application is a massive undertaking, with many moving parts. This workshop will go through each section of the Florida Charter Application and discuss common pitfalls and give tips for how to effectively work as a team to develop a high quality charter application.

The New School Institute

Walking With You To A Successful Opening

The New School Institute is a support network for schools opening next year or beyond. This presentation will be the first meeting of our new cohort. We will review a variety of issues and provide a detailed to-do-list of things you need to focus on to ensure a successful opening.

Seat Time Matters!

The Use of Explicit Instruction After the Pandemic to Accelerate Learning for Student Subgroups

When students return to school buildings after the pandemic, teachers and school leaders will face a daunting task of learning loss as a result of the pandemic. This interactive pre-conference workshop will discuss the use of Explicit Instruction and describe strategies for helping educators accelerate learning for the ESSA subgroups.

So You Want to Build a Charter School?

Prepare to bring your charter school facility dream to life in this gamified masterclass. Designed by experts with real-life challenges at every turn, you’ll engage in friendly competition to be on-time, on-budget, and on-mission. You’ll leave the presentation with the knowledge and skills to lead your school team to success.

Breakout Session #1

Safety and Security Requirements for Charter Schools

This presentation will focus on Florida’s legislative requirements addressing safety and security requirements and how those directly impact charter schools.

Leading B.E.S.T. Math Instruction

Join the STEAM team from the Florida Department of Education and Wesley Locke from Spring Creek Charter School as they discuss what a B.E.S.T. Math classroom looks like and how to lead your school to successful implementation of the B.E.S.T. Standards.

From Zero to Hero

Everything You Need to Know to be A CAPE Superhero! Charter Schools Edition

This session will provide all you need to know about the CAPE Act, including major program and funding components, as well as information on accurate data reporting and test administration requirements for industry certifications and Digital Tool Certificates on the CAPE Industry Certification Funding List.

Digitizing Charter School Operations — in a Pandemic and Beyond

For many charter schools, staff and parent processes — from Leave Requests to Student Enrollments — remain manual, paper-based or incohesive because too many bits of standalone tech are used. Oftentimes, it’s a combination of all three issues. Sound familiar? Attend this EdTech case study session to find a better way forward. Discover how the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Charter Network battle-tested new technology-driven solutions to centrally streamline and manage its operational processes — during the pandemic and beyond.

You're On!

Using Podcasting and Livestreaming to Tell Your School’s Story and Promote Your Vision

Podcasting and livestreaming provide schools with an exciting opportunity to tell their story and turn their faculty, administrators, students, and parents into education thought leaders. Our panel of experienced education media professionals will give you the tools you need to start your own shows!

Know HOW FTE is Counted and Prepare NOW for FEFP Audits!

Learn how to prepare for FTE survey counts, how FTE is calculated and adjusted, how to train staff to maintain adequate documentation, how to avoid the negative FEFP Audit findings and what to do if your school is selected for an FEFP Audit.

Setting Your School Up for Success with Long-Term Facility Financing

If you are considering a new facility project or a refinancing for your school, this presentation will help you know when and how you should be considering long-term financing, best practices to apply, and how to prepare to get the best terms.

This Presentation Has Been Rated PG-13 Due to Inappropriate Student Language and Behavior

Some material may result in increased teaching time and decreased student challenges.

What might teachers accomplish if student discipline challenges decreased by 90%? These four research and evidence-based classroom management strategies will help teachers respond to low-level behaviors and can easily be implemented in their classrooms tomorrow! These strategies will help teachers master minor behavior problems before they morph into major ones.

Freedom in Compliance and Communication

District and School in Partnership

Charters.Link is a free compliance tool supported by the Charter Support Unit. This presentation will provide an overview of the tool for those schools who are not yet using the tool, and then will facilitate a discussion about the roadmap for future improvements and implementation of the tool.

Breakout Session #2

Charter School Funding Through the Florida Education Finance Program

This presentation is an introductory overview of the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP), which is the primary source of operating funds for all K–12 public schools in Florida. Other topics covered will be the reporting of full-time equivalent (FTE) students, new legislation, class size reduction funding, class size compliance and the charter revenue worksheet.

Standards-based Instruction in Science

Standards-based Instruction in the Science Classroom is for stakeholders to learn about tier 1 science instructional support, FDOE Office of STEAM educational support, and K-12 science educational resources.

The Roles of Printing and Sustainability in Education

This presentation covers key factors to consider when thinking about printing in education with research-backed ideas on why print and color are so important when it comes to helping kids learn. We’ll share how printers can work for your needs and can also have environmental benefits. Listen and learn how Epson products can help you print responsibly in the current hybrid learning environment.

Know Your Charter Contract!

This panel will provide an overview of the most current Florida Standard Charter Contract, focusing on the importance of fluency in the Charter Contract by a Charter School’s Governing Board Members and its Administrators.

Finding Freedom in Your Own Facility

The Many Options of Charter School Facility Financing

In this presentation, we will discuss the many options of facility financing that is available to charter schools. We will walk through the pro’s and con’s of each so you can make educated decisions about your finance options.

Creating a Robust Pipeline of Strong, Effective, and Visionary Charter School Leaders

In partnership with the Florida Department of Education, the Florida Charter School Alliance launched the School Leaders Fellowship (SLF). Supported by the Department’s CSP grant, the SLF will develop a robust pipeline of strong, effective, and visionary charter school leaders interested in leading a school in a high-need area. Meet the current fellowship participants and learn more about the program and how you can apply to participate in the next cohort.

Growing Healthy Students with Gardening and Cooking Classes!

A gardening and cooking program is one of the most innovative ways to teach students about healthy eating and the natural world. Learn how gardening and cooking classes improve student health, add more joy and excitement to curriculum, create parent buy-in, and set you apart from other schools! Leave with strategies to develop a garden, as well as cooking and gardening activities that students will love.

Improving Access for Students with Disabilities

How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference

Every family deserves choice, including families of students with disabilities. Charter schools and authorizers can make changes in their regular practices that provide greater access for students with disabilities. This session will share concrete strategies that charter authorizers and their partners have created as well as materials and tools that will help you remove obstacles to enrollment and services…

Breakout Session #3

Overview of Literacy Policy and Practice

to Support Educators and Improve Student Outcomes

We are in a state of stagnation with literacy achievement across the Sunshine State. COVID-19 has likely exacerbated this issue, potentially widening the literacy achievement gap amongst our most vulnerable students. Join Cari Miller, Vice Chancellor for Literacy Achievement, to learn and discuss the essential actions that are taking place to improve literacy achievement statewide. This session will also include updates on 2021 literacy legislation that enhances and supports the continued focus to improve literacy outcomes for all.

B.E.S.T. Standards for Mathematics

Journey to Implementation

Join the STEAM team from the Florida Department of Education to discuss the journey of the B.E.S.T. Standards for Mathematics as we prepare for implementation in the 2022-2023 school year.

The Charter School Program Grant Closure Process

This presentation will guide the Charter Schools Program (CSP) grant sub-recipient schools through the grant closure process. Highly recommended presentation for all CSP grant sub-recipients.

New Sample Policy Manual and How It Impacts Your School

A comprehensive review of the changes to the Sample Policy Manual for implementation by charter public Schools

Successful Partnership with Service Providers

How Your School can Free up Valuable Time Through Successful Partnership with Service Providers

This presentation will provide you with information on how to select and work with service providers, making the most of your time and money!

Creating Effective Learning Environments

Gain a deeper understanding of classroom conditions and teacher practices that inspire students to learn and grow. Through a guided review of seven effective learning environments, this presentation examines key indicators of student engagement.

Freedom For Gifted Students

Do you teach students who have gifted tendencies or are gifted? Do you really know the freedom of teaching them to their greatest potential? This workshop will help describe what to look for in gifted students and how to approach instruction in the classroom geared to their greatest needs.

Breakout Session #4

Charter School Authorizing by Higher Education Institutions

The 2021 Legislature passed, and Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law, a measure allowing charter school authorizing by public colleges and universities in Florida. The Florida Department of Education will discuss the details of this new legislation and the steps it will take to help implement this development in Florida’s charter school sector.

Journey Through the B.E.S.T. Standards for English Language Arts

Join us on a journey through the new B.E.S.T. ELA Standards. In this presentation, we will explore the key differences between the former standards and the new B.E.S.T. ELA Standards. An overview of the benchmarks, clarifications, and appendices will also be provided. On the second leg of our journey, we will discuss and plan for successful implementation of the new B.E.S.T. ELA Standards.

Medicaid Reimbursement

Secure Funding for Your School

Did you know that 3 out of 7 school children are eligible for Medicaid reimbursement in the state of Florida? Medicaid will reimburse your school for many of the health services that you are providing to these students. Your school can use Medicaid reimbursement to fund any service, salary, equipment, or to offset the cost of special education programming and more! If your school isn’t leveraging Medicaid reimbursement funding, then you’re missing out on valuable revenue. Join ARIA School Billing for an overview of Medicaid billing, what you’ll need to get started, and how working with our ARIA School Billing team can accelerate your reimbursement program.

Bond Financing and Compliance

What Charter Schools Need to Know

Bond financing is highly regulated and complex. What is the bond financing process, and what are the requirements, responsibilities and restrictions on a charter school that is financing a facility with bond proceeds? This panel will focus on bond financing from the perspective of charter school governing boards and staff.

Charter Schools as Employers

Emerging Workplace Litigation Trends in K-12 Schools

Join us for an in-depth look into the employer exposure of operating a charter school in today’s ever-increasing litigious society. We’ll review lessons learned from defending recent charter school employment practices lawsuits and a discussion on how to best protect your school from emerging workplace litigation trends.

The Charter Support Unit

A Valuable Service to Charter Schools

The Charter Support Unit is a grant-supported service offered to new schools statewide at no cost to the school! Learn more about how to take advantage of our services to support the operations and management of your school. We also will have a Q&A about new school issues.

Being Proactive with Prevention Education in Your School!

Schools implementing Monique Burr Foundation for Children Prevention Education Programs have discovered an evidence-based/evidence-informed, easy to use, fun library of prevention programs to help protect students from abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, exploitation and digital dangers to meet Florida DOE Health Education Rule requirements at NO COST.

Work Together to Ensure Student Success

How School Leaders and Authorizers Can Work Together to Ensure Student Success

Ensuring success for all students is a collaborative effort. This presentation focuses on how the authorizer and school leaders can work together in order to achieve ultimate student success.

Breakout Session #5


FDOE Educational Leadership Updates

The School Educational Leadership Enhancement Committee Taskforce, a partnership between the Wallace Foundation, The Florida Department of Education, and Florida Atlantic University, has spearheaded many policy and programmatic changes in educational leadership. Information on proposed projects and policy as well as active projects will be provided. This session will also cover the most up-to-date version of the draft leadership standards, including a proposed timeline for implementation and supports. In conjunction with the new leadership standards, information on a new signature leadership professional learning academy will be shared. The department will solicit participant feedback on needed resources and supports for successful implementation.

Successful School Replication

Lessons Learned from Going from a Single Independent Charter to Operating Multiple Schools

Replicating a successful charter school is no easy task and doing so in a manner that stays true to the original charter can be challenging in the best of circumstances. During this session we will talk about identifying and duplicating the essential “DNA” of a school and the steps required to ensure it is done with fidelity. Learn how to capture the “essence” of what made the original charter a success and duplicate it in a setting that will enhance the growth of both schools. Join us for a discussion on how to actualize your dream of replication.

Turning Parents into Bold Charter School Advocates!

This engaging presentation will highlight successful parent advocacy initiatives. The goal is to provide attendees with a roadmap for developing a parental advocacy plan to foster bold advocates: parents willing to share their stories and their school’s successes with legislators, media, elected officials, school boards, and community leaders.

We Got the Funds! Now What?

A once-in-a-generation influx of funding is currently in the hands of school leaders. What can you do to ensure their effective and meaningful use? This presentation will outline approaches to data for monitoring and evaluation of funds as well as strategic thinking frameworks to promote sustainability and build internal capacity.

Breakout Session #6

FDOE Update

FDOE representatives will provide an update on changes — legislative and otherwise — affecting Florida charter schools.

The Aftershocks of Parkland

Addressing On-Campus Threats

This presentation will examine school safety requirements related to charter schools and discuss the actions schools should take when they have identified an individual that is cause for concern, including focusing on social and emotional learning, providing mental health support, conducting threat assessments, and acting when a threat is imminent.

Build, Renovate, Lease

Which Options Are Best for Your Charter School?

This presentation will focus on the adaptive reuse and construction of existing buildings into charter schools. You will come away with the optimal approach for your Charter School. It will include the costs, benefits and obstacles for each type option and what is entailed from the architecture, engineering and construction standpoint. We have case studies and examples from The Pepin Academy and Debartelo Collegiate High School how they turned existing buildings into their schools.

Due Diligence with Due Process

Meeting Student Needs, Avoiding the Courtroom

This panel will explore common issues faced in due process complaints regarding special education services under the IDEA, and how schools can avoid making costly mistakes and future litigation.

Targeted Board Meetings

Freeing Your Meetings of Wasted Time

A charter’s board is the foundation of a school. Running an effective meeting is the key to making it stable and secure. During this presentation, we will discuss how to set your meetings up for success by eliminating wasted time, establishing targeted agendas and focusing on the needs of the school.