2022 Florida Charter School Governance Conference

Saturday, March 26, 2022
On March 26, the Charter Support Unit hosted the seond annual Florida Charter School Governance Conference as a hybrid conference.  Below you can find the content from the conference. 

Thank You!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, presenters, and attendees to the conference for a successful event.  We appreciate everyone giving of their time and resources to support this effort to support charter school governing board members . 

Opening Session

Rep. John Snyder

We started our 2022 2nd Annual Governance Conference with a keynote presentation from Rep. John Snyder who represents the 82nd District in the Florida House of Representatives.  He is a strong advocate of public school choice.  He will join us at the conference talk about recent developments during the 2022 legislative session and the importance of providing strong alternatives for students and families to choose from in the public school environment.

Opening Session Recording

Hosted By

Orlando Science Academy

Orlando Science Academy was gracious enough to host our conference at their high school facility.  Orlando Science is a high performing charter school that was founded in 2008 and current serves over 2,000 students.

Breakout Session #1

Charter Schools as Employers: Emerging Workplace Litigation Trends in K-12 Schools

Andy Jimenez and Brett Schneider

We are Getting Sued….What Should We Do?

LIndsay Greene

Increasing Community Presence

Ryan Rewey

Governing Boards and Compliance

Kathleen Schoenberg

Overseeing Multiple Schools (Real Life Things to Consider if looking at Expansion)

Dr. Alan Hall

Breakout Session #2

Facilities and Finances

Richard Moreno and Greg McKenna

Legal Mistakes, Board Scandals, & Charter Myths: Governing for Good

Dr. April Willis

Authorizer and Governing Board Partnerships that Ensure Quality Charter Schools

Valerie Hyer and Stephen Ayres

Florida School Safety Requirements for Schools

Brooks Rumenik

Finding the Right School Leader

Dr. Donna Marie Cozine

Breakout Session #3

Governance in the Sunshine

Kathleen Schoenberg

Parents As Advocates of Chartes Schools

Lynn Normal Tack

Onboarding New Board Members – What Do They Need to Know?

Jill Shahen

Transitioning From Founding Board to Operating Boards

Mike Mizzoni

Breakout Session #4

Conflicts of Interest

Jeff Wood and Thomas Sternberg

Money Matters: What Board Members Should Know About Charter School Accounting

Curtis Fuller

Role of the Board

Lyman Millard

Strategic Planning

Gail Birks

Thank you to our sponsors! 

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