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  • Presenter: Dr. Andrea Thomas-Reynolds, Senior Vice President of Insight Education Group
  • Date: December 12, 2019 10:00 am
  • Target Region: Anywhere
  • Target Audience: Administration, Teachers
  • Category: Academic, General
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Despite best efforts, most school improvement initiatives in high needs schools fail or show little improvement. With some estimates showing failure as high as 70% for strategic initiatives in for-profit companies, the challenge is even greater with school improvement efforts. The main reason for failure in strategic initiatives is the lack of execution. Unfortunately, good intentions are not enough when it comes to driving and sustaining growth. However, in school improvement efforts specifically, Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) can be one of the greatest levers to improving student achievement and empowering teacher leaders alongside principals and assistant principals in the school-wide improvement process.
In this webinar, learn how members of instructional leadership teams including principals, assistant principals, coaches, and teacher leaders can successfully devise, launch, and execute on school improvement goals—and experience wins for their school communities.