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Getting the Right People on the Bus: Rules and Techniques to Assemble an All-Star Staff

It doesn’t matter how good your plans are. If you don’t have good people in place, the school won’t work. Hiring is probably the single most important factor in determining a school’s success or failure, but it remains a mystery or crapshoot for so many school leaders. Come join the founders of MESA Charter High School as they share how they made hiring their superpower and built an all-star team. Ideal for school leaders, talent leaders, and board members.

Deteriorating Financial Condition: Avoidance & Recovery

One of the quickest ways for a charter school to find themselves facing closure is to be labeled as having a deteriorating financial condition. If you find yourself already facing this situation, there is still hope! There are steps you can take to recover! Join us for a discussion on how to maintain healthy finances and how to write a recovery plan in order to keep your school headed in the right direction!

Bias and Microaggressions in the Classroom

LEAD will explore the impacts of implicit biases, stereotypes, and microaggressions on BIPOC students, educators, and their communities. By the end of the webinar, participants will feel empowered to employ various means of allyship, including self-education, acknowledgment of privilege, use of microinterventions, and the development of cultural humility.

New Goals for New Times

Students’ learning has been interrupted and the complexities associated with re-engagement and learning gains will not be captured by standardized state assessments alone. This session is designed for public charter school leaders and authorizers interested in revisiting school goals and academic accountability frameworks used for determining school quality. We will consider how goals are currently constructed, which students are expected to achieve, and consider a new approach that responds to the student population and school’s mission.

Breaking Free from Toxic Leadership

Whether you are starting a brand new school or taking over an existing one, the culture and climate can help the school soar to success or drive it into the ground. As the leader of the school, the choices made in regard to school climate and culture need to be intentional and focused.
This presentation will focus on a three step approach- listen, identify, and triage (LIT)- to help schools gain freedom from toxic leadership or toxic cultures. Based on work by Patrick Lecioni, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Willie Spears, and strategies that have been tested in multiple school environments, the presenter will walk participants through effective strategies for improving school culture. All examples will be tried and true, been there, done that- not just theory and rhetoric.