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Deteriorating Financial Condition: Avoidance & Recovery

One of the quickest ways for a charter school to find themselves facing closure is to be labeled as having a deteriorating financial condition. If you find yourself already facing this situation, there is still hope! There are steps you can take to recover! Join us for a discussion on how to maintain healthy finances and how to write a recovery plan in order to keep your school headed in the right direction!

New Goals for New Times

Students’ learning has been interrupted and the complexities associated with re-engagement and learning gains will not be captured by standardized state assessments alone. This session is designed for public charter school leaders and authorizers interested in revisiting school goals and academic accountability frameworks used for determining school quality. We will consider how goals are currently constructed, which students are expected to achieve, and consider a new approach that responds to the student population and school’s mission.

What You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Charter School

The charter school concept started by Ray Budde was initially designed to allow teachers an opportunity to develop and create a program that fits different students and their needs. The program would be housed in the district and students would go to that school if selected, referred or requested. The district would approve the school for operation and no money would leave the district as the students would remain in the district. Big for-profit companies have now taken the reigns and exploited the public and federal funding causing the negative perception charter schools have gained.

This is now my 6th year working as a charter school operator and as an educator, I am a firm believer that TEACHERS should be the developers of charter programs and should be the ONLY individuals allowed to open charter schools. We have gone to school for this and legislation has somehow allowed, yet again, big business to dictate what happens in our profession. This webinar will share details about starting your own charter school, the positives and negatives and provide a few tips.

From the Courtroom to the Classroom: Understanding the Intersection of Criminal and Family Law and Our Campuses

From the Courtroom to the Classroom: Understanding the Intersection of Criminal and Family Law and Our Campuses

Charter schools are constantly forced to deal with issues involving students that extend far beyond the classroom. Parents fighting over custody of the child, court orders that split time sharing of a student between parents, restraining orders limiting contact or communication between students/staff/parents; police investigations involving students/staff; DCF investigations involving accusations of child abuse/neglect; subpoenas and records request from outside agencies seeking documents of students or testimony of staff members; these are all extremely common and often troubling situations that schools find themselves forced to deal with. Understanding the basics of these areas of the law and how they can affect our campuses will provide school administration and staff with a solid foundation on how to address these issues as they arise.

Local School Performance Frameworks in the Age of ESSA and Multiple Authorizers

Local School Performance Frameworks in the Age of ESSA and Multiple Authorizers

Many leaders express the need to better identify which schools are working in a city or district and which ones are not in a way that would allow system leaders or parents to make good decisions. Although ESSA calls for state measures, a locally developed common school performance framework may have more buy-in, may have more robust measures, and may be more transparent on how lowest performing schools were identified. This session will explore frameworks in cities like Denver and Chicago, and help charter school leaders and others advocate form better performance frameworks in their community.