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School Resource Officers: Fact vs. Fiction

The session will address the primary role of the school resource officer through an in-depth examination of best practices as they relate to this unique assignment in the law enforcement profession. The definition of the SRO will provide the foundation for this session and will included critical best practices around issues such as careful selection and specific training. We will also explore some of the recent attacks on this important school safety function as we take a hard look at fact vs. fiction.

Planning a Strong School Leader Succession: Lessons from Across the Charter Sector

Succession is one of the most critical chapters in a charter organization’s life span. A strong and intentional approach to succession has the potential to place the organization on a positive trajectory; a poor approach can have the opposite effect, significantly weakening the organization. Participants will understand the key phases of the “arc” of succession and the risks associated with each phase and learn about practices to mitigate those risks. The session will be moderated by Mollie Mitchell and Morty Ballen, who interviewed leaders from 50 charter organizations from across the country to learn about their experiences with succession and to share best practices.

Improving the Climate for Rural Charter Schools

Charter schools – whether urban, suburban, or rural – tend to share many of the same, broad needs. The challenges in addressing these needs, however, can be greater for rural charter schools. This session will address challenges related to transportation, facilities, and human capital for rural charter schools. Strategies for improving the climate for rural charter schools with be offered.

School Cybersecurity – Know The Threats & How To Mitigate Them

This presentation will be just what you need to brush up on cybersecurity and how you can protect your school from threats. We will discuss the various techniques you can use to keep your school safe by identifying potential threats and taking correct actions to stop them before they do damage!

Student Data Strategies and Best Practices for 2020-21 Distance Learning

In this session, webinar attendees will be exposed to best practices and some of the most innovative data strategies school leaders are implementing during these unique times. Schoolrunner’s CEO/Founder and Chief Data Wizard, Charlie Coglianese, will highlight and discuss what school leaders across the country have done to address challenges presented during the current pandemic. Some best practice highlights will include things like communication expectations/goals, tracking family engagement and student attendance, use of health screeners, identifying and addressing student achievement gaps, among other key topics. Furthermore, during this interactive workshop, ask questions as Charlie discusses new product developments and national trends resulting from school leaders attempting to address the needs of their local community as a result of the pandemic.