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Community Engagement – From Pre-Application through Opening

Authentic community engagement is an integral part of creating, starting and sustaining a high-quality charter school. In this session, we will walk participants through effective community engagement processes and practices from the point of concept through opening. Such processes and practices include: creating digital and print communications; identifying the right groups and individuals to engage throughout the process; using surveys and focus groups to gain meaningful input on the school design; documenting the engagement process and input from stakeholders; facilitating effective public meetings; shifting from securing application support to recruiting students; turning application allies into community partners during the planning year; bringing parents and board members onto the board; building sustainable systems for community involvement. We will provide links to planning tools, templates and exemplars to support groups in their own community engagement efforts.

Utilizing Tech Resources to Deliver Project-based Learning

Babcock Neighborhood School is deeply rooted in Project-based Learning. When COVID hit and everything changed, the team had to redesign our delivery model, fast. It seemed like an impossible hurdle to overcome. During the Spring and through the summer we continued to develop a model that we believed had the potential to transform our approach for the future of our Next Generation Learners. The teacher leaders and administration focused on developing a sustainable model that uses tools and resources that are efficient and affordable. The model begins with the use of lecture capture to flip learning and deliver instruction seamlessly and equitably to all students, through a powerful LMS (Learning Management System) rooted in Standards-Based Grading teachers are able to have autonomy in developing cross-curricular PBL experiences while seamlessly monitoring standards taught and measured, and finally, student engagement is achieved through meaningful applications of standards through PBL experiences.
*BNS will share our hurdles and celebrations through our implementation plan over the last three years and how it has shaped our work for the future.
*BNS will provide specific examples of all PBL components through the utilization of the lecture capture model and our LMS system.
*BNS will share the meaningful experiences of the stakeholders during the presentation.
*BNS will give a virtual tour of a classroom delivering a PBL component during our presentation.
BNS is eager to share our learning with our schools looking for inspiration in developing a focus on student learning and engagement through the use of technological resources.

Social Emotional Health in Crucial Times

Preparing for the new school year, this event will focus on one of the most pressing topics educators face in 2021 – cultivating a culture around social-emotional learning during a global pandemic. With a special focus on effective SEL implementation during remote learning, we are inviting elementary principals, student services directors, special education or curriculum leads focused on Pre-K to 5.

The Use of Explicit Instruction to Intercept the COVID-19 Slide

When our students returned to school for the 20-21 school year, in brick and mortar or virtually, the academic, behavioral, and social emotional impacts of the extended school closures as a result of COVID-19 became increasingly evident, specifically with students that were already identified as at-risk, learning English as a second language, or have a disability. The term, known as the COVID-19 Slide, has been a focus of school leaders and how to address the slide has become a current priority. Join Liliana L. Salazar as she discusses the components of Explicit Instruction and how the use of this evidence-based model will intercept the COVID-19 Slide.

Getting the Right People on the Bus: Rules and Techniques to Assemble an All-Star Staff

It doesn’t matter how good your plans are. If you don’t have good people in place, the school won’t work. Hiring is probably the single most important factor in determining a school’s success or failure, but it remains a mystery or crapshoot for so many school leaders. Come join the founders of MESA Charter High School as they share how they made hiring their superpower and built an all-star team. Ideal for school leaders, talent leaders, and board members.