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Board Myths & Mistakes: How to Avoid Them and Govern for Good

With over 10 years of charter administration experience and six years as a charter board member, Dr. April Willis will share experiences, research, and headlines that highlight significant moments in charter governance. From myth-busting to line-drawing, this session will illuminate the dos and don’ts of governance and offer steps to take for enhancing charter board effectiveness. Whether you have a high functioning board or one that’s on the fritz, this session will surely engage and enlighten all members of your governing body and school administration.

Creating a Culture of STE(A)M in your school

This webinar will discuss how you create a culture of STE(A)M across all disciplines in your school. You will hear about building the mindsets of students to think like scientists, technologists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians in any content area. The moral imperative of STE(A)M is for students to solve authentic, real-world problems utilizing these mindsets accompanied by the “stuff” of STE(A)M. Tips, resources, and strategies will be shared on how to take STE(A)M from a singular class to multiple classrooms.

Telling the Story of Your Charter School

How you choose to tell your school’s story influences whether a diverse set of families choose your school (and which philanthropists, policymakers and elected officials support you). In this session, communications professionals with experience at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Teach For America and the U.S. Department of Education will help you distill the essence of your school into a compelling narrative that resonates with the heart and not just the head. We’ll also discuss a variety of ways to share that story with your audiences, and get you started on a plan for doing so.