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Let the Data do the Talking! Data-Based Decision Making to Increase Student Performance

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how data-based decision making can increase student performance. Cedars International Academy uses professional learning communities and data meetings to increase student performance. Learn how to use specific protocols to analyze assessment data, drive instruction, and increase overall student achievement.

What You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Charter School

The charter school concept started by Ray Budde was initially designed to allow teachers an opportunity to develop and create a program that fits different students and their needs. The program would be housed in the district and students would go to that school if selected, referred or requested. The district would approve the school for operation and no money would leave the district as the students would remain in the district. Big for-profit companies have now taken the reigns and exploited the public and federal funding causing the negative perception charter schools have gained.

This is now my 6th year working as a charter school operator and as an educator, I am a firm believer that TEACHERS should be the developers of charter programs and should be the ONLY individuals allowed to open charter schools. We have gone to school for this and legislation has somehow allowed, yet again, big business to dictate what happens in our profession. This webinar will share details about starting your own charter school, the positives and negatives and provide a few tips.

Staying True to Your Mission or Are You Drifting? A Conversation on the Organizational Life Cycle

We will look at the life cycle of organizations and look how that can affect the mission of the organization. Part of the discussion will be looking at a doctoral study that involved 85 Texas Charter Schools Superintendents’ perception on mission clarity, mission intentionality, and the use of their school’s mission. The study identified four variables which had a significant relationship with mission drift

Board Myths & Mistakes: How to Avoid Them and Govern for Good

With over 10 years of charter administration experience and six years as a charter board member, Dr. April Willis will share experiences, research, and headlines that highlight significant moments in charter governance. From myth-busting to line-drawing, this session will illuminate the dos and don’ts of governance and offer steps to take for enhancing charter board effectiveness. Whether you have a high functioning board or one that’s on the fritz, this session will surely engage and enlighten all members of your governing body and school administration.