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Board Myths & Mistakes: How to Avoid Them and Govern for Good

With over 10 years of charter administration experience and six years as a charter board member, Dr. April Willis will share experiences, research, and headlines that highlight significant moments in charter governance. From myth-busting to line-drawing, this session will illuminate the dos and don’ts of governance and offer steps to take for enhancing charter board effectiveness. Whether you have a high functioning board or one that’s on the fritz, this session will surely engage and enlighten all members of your governing body and school administration.

Five Types of Videos to Enrich Your Learning Environment

The inclusion of various types of videos is an aspect of creating an equitable learning environment to reach ALL of your learners whether at home or in-person at school. Learn how you can continue to provide students with high-quality direct instruction and instructional insights using five different types of videos. Gain an understanding of the characteristics of Morning Messages, Benchmark Lessons, Directions Videos, Instructional Videos, and Insights Videos.

The Power of Partnerships: Adding Evidence-based Pre-Kindergarten to boost Charter School children’s outcomes

Early education is increasingly seen as a fundamental educational strategy that is necessary to children’s lifetime success. For that reason, a number of states are giving it increasing prominence. For over 15 years, AppleTree has operated full-day early education charter schools in Washington, DC, as well as supporting charter schools and community-based centers in other states (including Ohio and New York) who wish to implement their own early education programs. Based on this wealth of experience, this session will (1) highlight outcomes for charter schools that successfully implement early education programs, (2) describe opportunities, challenges and pitfalls in developing and implementing effective early-education classrooms, and (3) share best practices, pedagogical and operational matters and concerns, and lessons learned from building and aligning evidence-based Pre-K programs into various schools

Respiratory Health and School Safety: What We’ve Learned from COVID-19

Now that we have stepped into the world of the “new normal” for charter schools following the 2020 pandemic, there are many lessons learned and ideas to share in these challenging times for everyone involved. Building Solutions and dozens of school facilities management teams have collaborated to report on their journey beginning February 2020 and through the COVID-19 pandemic to date. This report focuses on the facilities and operations response, which supports the program changes required to protect students and other facilities users from current and future respiratory health risks. It will discuss “respiratory health risks” in the context of school safety and security policy and practice.