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Student Data Strategies and Best Practices for 2020-21 Distance Learning

In this session, webinar attendees will be exposed to best practices and some of the most innovative data strategies school leaders are implementing during these unique times. Schoolrunner’s CEO/Founder and Chief Data Wizard, Charlie Coglianese, will highlight and discuss what school leaders across the country have done to address challenges presented during the current pandemic. Some best practice highlights will include things like communication expectations/goals, tracking family engagement and student attendance, use of health screeners, identifying and addressing student achievement gaps, among other key topics. Furthermore, during this interactive workshop, ask questions as Charlie discusses new product developments and national trends resulting from school leaders attempting to address the needs of their local community as a result of the pandemic.

Renewal Starts the Moment A Board Receives Its Charter

Renewal Starts the Moment A Board Receives Its Charter

Many schools and boards wait until the year the charter is up for renewal to understand the obligations of the authorizer and to take a hard look at data – both academic and non-academic. For many schools, this is too late and they run to catch up on what they should know. In this session, board members will learn how to prepare for renewal from the day it receives its charter. This session will discuss the importance of data collection, succession, planning, and the board’s role in the renewal process.

Technology Integration in all Tiers of Instruction

A Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) describes an evidence-based model that uses data driven problem solving to maximize student outcomes. In order for schools to build a strong MTSS culture, effective data management is essential. For timely collection and analysis of data, technology is the vehicle that provides real-time insight for immediate problem solving. Join Lisa Redman, Senior Education Consultant for Harris Education Solutions to learn more about Technology Integration for Building a Strong MTSS Culture

Let the Data do the Talking! Data-Based Decision Making to Increase Student Performance

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how data-based decision making can increase student performance. Cedars International Academy uses professional learning communities and data meetings to increase student performance. Learn how to use specific protocols to analyze assessment data, drive instruction, and increase overall student achievement. In this time of uncertainty, student engagement is as important as ever. Learning gaps due to school closures have been compounded by ‘Summer Slide.’ We hope that this presentation equips you with innovative ways of supercharging the learning process and with fun, new and exciting options for your students.

Parents and Caregivers as Co-teachers

Parents and caregivers have always been their child’s first teacher. And families also serve as co-teachers, supplementing and facilitating the education learners receive from school. In this session, families of learners in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade, will expand their capabilities, confidence, and community as they learn tools, tips, and resources to overcome challenges, minimize stress, and enhance at-home learning. This session will focus on helping families better manage their time and expectations to increase their co-teaching abilities. This session will also help families better communicate with school leaders and teachers and partner with them to design ways to better engage families.