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Learn How to Avoid Fumbled Audits, Get Prepared for Surprise Visits, and Run Your School with High Expectations and at Top Efficiency

Charter schools can go off the rails for various operational, financial, or leadership reasons. In order to be successful, a charter school must operate as a business. In this interactive session, we’ll complete a “pre-audit” to assess how your school is doing – covering all the compliance issues that get missed because they’re pushed to the bottom of your never-ending stack. You’ll learn how to save money, generate revenue, set up strategic plans, and reduce risks. Join us for this action-packed workshop and walk away with powerful tools to improve your school’s operational stability and run at top efficiency.

Hacking Google Analytics: Measuring ROI

Learn secrets to measuring marketing analytics that Google will not tell you.Over 4,000 Google Analytics campaigns have taught us that Google’s online information will focus on raising your budget. We will cover data collection and reporting metrics that directly benefit your business. Learn a better understanding of your users demographics, and measuring return on investment.

Hacking Google Analytics: Setup

This powerful new webinar teaches Marketers and Webmasters the secrets to Google Analytics’ setup and goals that Google’s online help leaves out. Setting up the foundation is the key to measuring return on investment. These will be very clear, superbly detailed, set-up techniques for goals and admin that will make a tremendous impact in your business.

Essential Practices for Creating and Maintaining a Culture of High Expectations

A great school has high expectations for every student, every day and provides engaging, high interest activities which increase student self esteem, confidence, and academic performance. The presentation will center on effective strategies for establishing a culture of high expectations. Presenters will provide information related to classroom motivation, communicating expectations, actively engaging students, providing feedback, and conducting data chats. This highly interactive presentation will engage participants in activities to motivate and support students to reach their individual goals. Participants will walk away with tools that can be implemented immediately in the classroom to set students up for success.

Renewal Starts the Moment A Board Receives Its Charter

Many schools and boards wait until the year the charter is up for renewal to understand the obligations of the authorizer and to take a hard look at data – both academic and non-academic. For many schools, this is too late and they run to catch up on what they should know. In this session, board members will learn how to prepare for renewal from the day it receives its charter. This session will discuss the importance of data collection, succession, planning, and the board’s role in the renewal process.