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Charter School Financing Options During the Pandemic

This webinar will explore current financing options in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The presenters will explore rapidly evolving market conditions and examine interim financing options alongside traditional fixed rate financing to help schools bridge the current crisis.  Attendees will have a better understanding of the current options available to their school, the steps needed to get access the market and will know the roles of participants in the process who can assist during this turbulent time, including the financial advisor.

Identifying Problematic Sexual Behaviors in Adolescents: Learning How to Label and React

Chrysalis Health works with male and female clients, ages 2 to 18, displaying a wide range of sexual behavior problems through the Sexual Trauma & Risk Reduction Therapy (STARRT) program. This training will focus on teaching school personnel how to identify problematic sexual behaviors in adolescents. It will also teach school personnel how to respond when a student displays sexually inappropriate behavior. Join Dr. Shandra Davis, Psy.D., one of the STARRT trainers at Chrysalis Health, as she teaches participants how to identify, label, and react.

Distance Learning for Charter Schools using MOODLE

We’ve all heard the term “uncertain times” more often than we can count recently. No one knows for sure what school is going to look like when August rolls around, and now that summer is upon us, school leaders everywhere are trying to plan for how best to support students in the future. For many, this will include a digital Learning Management System (LMS) to support in-classroom instruction which can also be used if social isolation again becomes a reality. If done well, this could be a valuable tool year-round regardless of whether students are in the classroom or required to participate in distance learning. Learn how one school, Gulf Coast Academy, has implemented Moodle, a free LMS system, during Covid-19 as a successful digital platform. The school will share the various tools they’ve used and the lessons they’ve learned over the last few weeks. Join us, and let us know what you are thinking about how your school will address this critical support area in the fall!

Charter Conversations: Dan Fishman

As VP Strategy and Growth, Dan leads the charge for IDEA’s goal of serving over 100,000 students, across twelve regions, by 2022. From his South Texas home, he will share his insights on growing new schools, and valuing the people who make it all possible, in this time of change.

Charter Conversations: Matt Strong and Monica White

The Founders of a game-changing technical education academy in Idaho infuse into their student’s beliefs in second chances, social-emotional development, and ownership of their own lives as critical pathways to success. They will share with us the critical importance of those skills during times of crisis and ways to bolster them.